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Our mission is to serve you the highest quality ingredients throughout the restaurant, focusing on local & seasonal products, keeping prices reasonable, and providing you with the freshest, tastiest food available in a casual setting.


29805 Ellensburg Ave, Gold Beach, OR 97444





We are open for sit down however due to COVID19 we have limited seating available. Outdoor seating is available. We also offer to-go and have drive up pick up window.

No Reservations: Memorial Day <=>Labor Day


The Barnacle Bistro opened in April of 2009.  Chef/Owner Evan Boley was given the opportunity to make the Bistro in his own vision.  Since then we have grown into a local and regional favorite serving freshly and uniquely prepared foods.  We owe a lot of success to our local providers; farmers, ranchers fisherman, bakers and brewers--If we don't make it in-house, they do!  Our menu consists of Evan's version of our favorite comfort and coastal foods.  While we do have a set menu we also offer daily specials and our dinner menu is always changing. Stop on by to see what's cookin!


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Tiny Remodel... Big Changes... 1 week Closure!

The Barnacle is gonna take a quick hiatus from serving the community to make some posative changes and improvements to the restaurant!  Friday, february 2nd, we will be closing for about a week. Its hard to know when we will be done exactly because we are waiting on the time tables of both a plumber and an Electrician.  I want to be open by next friday, february 9th for the weekend. The heart of our improvements are rooted in the knowledge that our beer cooler is on it's last legs.  Every morning I get to work and put my hand on the cooler to see if it's still alive! We do have to give it a gentle kick some mornings! So we've upgraded to a much larger cooler and have to do a bit of remodeling to make it all fit.  Thankfully, the upgrade will allow us to also add a full liquor license as well as make some funtional improvement to our day to day operations as well.  Were still in the paperwork stage of our full liquor license but we have been approved which is awsome!  This is Phase 1 (to get the infastructure in place). Phase 2 and 3 will happen in the coming months as soon as they are possible.

Phase 2 is to get the liquor menu up. We will operate with a summer and winter liquor menus.  8 to 10 specialty drinks on each that hopefully add to the overall experience for our over 21 crowd.  Phase 3 is to cover the patio with an actual waterproof membrane and add some patio heaters.  The idea to create a nautical theme so that the awning can go up and come down during windy events, much like a sail for a sailboat.  A Mesh version for the summer, and a solid sunbrella fabric sail for the winter!  I guess my life on boats has perforated the way I think!  I'm so excited about the possibilities that having an outside dining area year round and a full liquor license will bring.  Should be fun!  I've always been space conscientious when thinking about throwing local events in the winter, because I just don't have enough space with only the inside area.  We will now! 

Hope to see everybody soon! 



New Year, New Things, 1/8

Happy New Year Everyone! We wanted to let you know that we are looking forward to a New Year bringing you good eats. With that in mind we are doing a small remodel to upgrade our beer system. Cold beer in cold glasses is gooood! In order to pull this off right now we will be closed on Mondays for a few weeks. Otherwise come on by and you can keep an eye on the progress. Just remember when you show up next Monday and we're closed (because you forgot we changed the hours on you) that it is being done in your best interest...CHEERS!

October 2

   Were having an off day today with the onset of the winter cold season!  Numerous key employees are down and out due to this particular winter bug.  I am alive and well but my knee is swollen and angry and a lay up day is required.  I will be ready to tackle the day one limp at a time tommarrow for normal hours.  I'm not planning any winter changes to the schedule as of now, but that is always subject to re-evaluation if business slows too much!   I'm hoping for slow and steady to get through the winter race! 

   I broke out some Langlois pork shoulder and planning a smoked pulled pork Wednesday or Thursday.  I'm also looking to get the smoker stoked up for sliced prime rib sanwiches with a spicy jalapeno au jus later in the week!  Crab cakes are currently on the out but will be back in stock by wednesday.  Tomarrow we will have a Polynesian style chicken taco for special! 

  Look forward to seeing you in the Bistro!

July 31, 2017

July is almost out the door. Today is an unfortunate mix of injuries and daycare problems that I'm strategically closing for so I can keep the rest of the week intact!  We will be closed today only, July 31st.  Frankie  (my  #2 cook) responsible for filling in my absences is having ankle and foot complications due to a wild youth of BMX riding and repeated injuries!  We will be back tomarrow and I'm planning some more fresh ahi specials.  A Hawaiian syle wasabi/honey Poke sounds amazing and I'm planning on it thursday, friday, and saturday!  We will also be getting fresh Oregon grilled Albacore on the board tommarrow, served with a tasty corn salsa and your choice of sides.  Look forward to seeing you in the bistro.

Happy Spring! May 9th, 2017

Let's hope the rain is almost through!  Emerging from our winter caves is part of what makes Spring so special!  As you cast off the winter rain jacket don't forget about us here at the Barnacle Bistro.  For the Rest of May were offering 5% off your final bill to kick start the summer season!  Come in before the crowds arrive....

Soups this week are a Tomato soup and today I made a beer cheese soup.  Split pea soup will be rotating in on Thursday just in time for what we hope to be some of the Season's last showers on Thursday and Friday!  Calamari will make an appearance Thursday and Friday with a Siracha Aioli dipping sauce.  

The Patio is near completion!  With new concrete tables, freshly stained and sealed fencing, flower baskets in the greenhouse, and the myriad of other repairs drawing to close, were getting excited to have the outdoor option available once again.  I hope we see you in the Bistro  

December 13, 2016 .. OPEN !

  Took a nice little breather over Turkey Day and visited the East Coast!  Family had a blast and it's a much needed and required break on my part.  But I'm ready to jump back in the grind and I have my taste buds aimed at the smoker and getting back into that vein of culinary treats.  Recently had the smoker (which resides on the pation)  updated with new guts.  Should make for a more consistent smoke flavor and an overall increase in quality!  I'm excited! 

  We are currently looking for more staff to build around as we lost a lot of good people this year that will be hard to replace. Planning on Tuesday - Saturdays: 11:30- 7:30.  Vanessa, Sergio, & Frankie are still with me so we have a good foundation for the future. We are looking forward to welcoming Kevin Broce into the kitchen in the next week as well!

  I'm off to CoosBay after I post this to visit Empire Bakery (and see what they have cooking) and also pick needed items up at Cash n' Carry.  Was looking to start the week of exploring some street cart style South American Steak Tacos and a hearty Turkey, Corn Chowder. Weather depending, I'm gonna smoke some St. Louis Ribs early this week and want to try out a Habanero/ Mango BBQ Sauce for those of us with some heat in our veins!    

Nov 8, Elect Good Food!

Hello Bistro Fans,

Well it's been an awfully long time since I posted, so sorry about that. The truth is we were so busy this summer that it just didn't happen. We are now back to a bare bones staff and ready for a break. We will be closed from Nov.13- Dec.7 opening Thursday Dec. 8 for regular business hours. See below for the remainder of our holiday schedule. Please note that we will be closing early, 4:00, on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. We hope that you find time this holiday season to spend time with loved ones...and when you get sick of them come see us. Let a little Barnacle Bistro lighten up your day, CHEERS!

Jan 25, 2016 Hours for the week

Hi, everyone. Chef Evan has been dealing with some health issues lately and is hoping to return to service soon.  In the meantime we will still be cookin with a slight change in hours this week.  We regret the inconvienence and thank you for your patience and support.

Hours for the Week of Jan 25.

Monday: closed

Tuesday, Wednesday: 12-4

Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 12-8



Team Barnacle Bistro

Happy Holidays!

The end of the year is fast approaching!  With family and friends visiting take them out for a taste of the coast at the Barnacle Bistro.

Our Holiday hours are:

  • Christmas Eve 12-5
  • Christmas Day Closed
  • New Years Day Closed

Otherwise regular hours Tuesday--Saturday 12-8.



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