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Friday Dec. 27

On the Dinner Menu: GRILLED ALBACORE with SALAD; CIOPPINO--ever popular; PULLED PORK SANDWICH; MUSHROOM SWISS BURGER.  The pulled pork and burger will also be available for Lunch.  Also right now we are doing an experiment with the steak fries and are cutting them skinny--we think they have a little more crunch this way--we want to know what you think so come and get some. As a reminder we will be open New Year's Eve until 7:30 or later if busy and closed New Year's Day.  Soups Today: CLAM CHOWDER; ROASTED CAULIFLOWER.

Seafood Tonight

As promised CIOPPINO is back on the dinner menu--the crab is fresh and the rest is loaded with seafood.  Also for dinner LINGUINI & CLAMS served in a WHITE WINE GARLIC BUTTER SAUCE.


Ok, looks like everyone is feeling much better today so I am pleased to say that after 5 days of closure we are open today!  Our soups today are THAI CORN CHOWDER which is coconut milk based with ample ginger and a cold weather favorite SPLIT PEA.  Well I don't know about you but I'm hungry and it's almost lunch time so come on down to the Bistro for what you've been missin!

Tuesday, Dec. 17th

Well for all of our optimism we will remain closed today.  We are still struggling to find enough healthy staff to pull of the level of quality and safe service that you deserve. Please keep checking back for updates as we really hope to be open tomorrow, Wednesday Dec. 18th.  Crab season has finally opened which means we will be bringing back our famous Cioppino with fresh in-season Dungeness crab.  Again, we would like to apologize for not being open lately but we take health and safety seriously and would not compromise that even for some garlic fries!

Friday the 13th

Hello Dear Dinners,  well cold and flu season is taking it's toll and I regret to inform you that we will be closed today for dinner and all day tomorrow.  We will be open as usual on Monday, Dec 16th.  I will post the specials for the week then and hope that you will bring your out of towners for a visit!

Thursday's Thoughts

We have Tomato/ Red Pepper Bisque and Clam Chowder (super bacon style). Also on the specials menu are Wasabi Fish Tacos and Lamb Burger with a Mint Aioli

Saturday November 16th the bistro will be open 11-4pm, closed for dinner!

Picking up the Blog somewhere in the middle of the Journey...

A lot has already taken place since the restaurant has been open almost 5 years.  Good times and growing pains, it's hard to imagine the difficulty of restaurant life to be a the consistency of room temperature butter...  It's more along the lines of frozen butter. Yet here I am, wishing and wanting for more. More hours of operation, more employees to take care of, and ultimately, more happy customers to make delicious twisted French infused American classics for.  We have an awesome staff of employees right now.  Ernie Chavez is my second in the kitchen filling in the blanks when I'm gone. For the first time in years I can comfortably sleep knowing that my design for the Bistro isn't being bastardized by another vision when I'm not overseeing.  Between that and his love for the Pittsburg steelers (my wife's NFL heritage and team), he'll be comfortable here as long as he wants to stay!  My three waitresses are Melissa Tucker, Amie Debo, Elizabeth Casilas, and from time to time you may be greeted by Ernie or myself working the front of the house!  Another shout out here goes to my third cook, an impressive young man name Dylan Renard, who I'm hoping to mold into the best breakfast cook in Curry County.  His smile is infectious and disarms even the foulest moods I can bring to the table and for this, I hate him!

Currently we're open lunch and dinner, Monday through Saturday, but I let slip I'm training a breakfast wizard in Dylan.  The truth is I'm also training myself since breakfast will be a totally new endeavor.  The next couple of months looks to have some delicious morning experiments to prepare the best menu I can for the logistics of our tiny restaurant.  I also expect more growing pains.  The target for getting breakfast off the ground is Christmas. Limited hours to start as we work out the kinks.  The Ultimate goal is 3 meals 7 days a week!  As far as announcing my plans here... I welcome the competition with other restaurants in the area.

Over the last 2 years I've been building my BBQ and smoker skills which have be applied to inhouse specials like the "This ain't no Philly" Cheese steak!  If you didn't get to try this in house smoked locally raised brisket sandwich with peppers, onions, and a provolone cheese sauce over our very own hoagie rolls, I'd encourage you to hound me  without remorse until I bring it back!  Unfortunately I have no inhibitions about eating more than one a day and my pants were losing the war with my growing body size, thus I put this winning recipe on the shelf for a couple months!

Currently we have a Harvest Panini running which consists of sweet caramelized red onions, melted blue cheese, and thinly sliced granny smith onions! Were serving this on a walnut, cranberry miche from Edna's Empire Bakery, OR.

Crab season is also approaching rapidly, which brings back the local favorite... cioppino!  Just waiting on the main ingredient. 

In the future I'll do my best keep up with the current room temperature of the restaurant on this blog and let you know just how much deliciously yummy butter we used this week and what we used it for!  Welcome to the Barnacle Bistro.....somewhere near the beginning!


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