11/24/2015 Happy Thanksgiving!

  Been an age since I've posted. Quick update with life and Bistro...  Baby boy (Owen Scott Boley) is perfect, and a perfect handful of mischief.  Crawling with multiple gears and the ability to shift into overdrive, while threatening to stand up any day at 8 months of age.  The Bistro is open Tuesday through Saturday and we've finally found a balance we (meaning mostly me) am able to keep up with.  I appologize for all the closures that took place this summer. I'm still in need of staff but have a core group and am building towards a better summer next year.  I put most of my eggs in one individual last year and when that went south, I was unable to pick up all the hours that crashed into my lap.

  Happy Thanksgiving to all our faithful locals and their traveling families!  We will be open a normal week with the exception of Thanksgiving day.  Just to reiderate, open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.  I have a variety of dinner specials and am eagerly awaiting crab season, keeping my fingers crossed for a decent crab season.  The Bistro has a cheesy potato soup and a southwest tomato-turkey soup on the board today. Hope to see you!