4/18 The Latest

Hey Everyone, sorry for the lack of posts lately I have been busy working on all the pieces that I need to pull off our upcoming remodel.  On that note please be aware that we will be closed from 4pm Saturday 4/19 to late in the week, we are trying to reopen for the weekend but I have learned that by saying that we will open for sure almost guarentees we won't.  I do believe that we will reopen the following Monday 4/28 to an improved dinning area! I will post it when we know for sure!

Till then SOUP TODAY: TOMATO or TOM KHA (Thai coconut w/shrimp); SPECIALS: PORTABELLA BURGER w/PROVOLONE, ELK BURGER (not many left!), WASABI FISH TACOS. If you haven't had the fish tacos before nows a good time a time as any!