December 13, 2016 .. OPEN !

  Took a nice little breather over Turkey Day and visited the East Coast!  Family had a blast and it's a much needed and required break on my part.  But I'm ready to jump back in the grind and I have my taste buds aimed at the smoker and getting back into that vein of culinary treats.  Recently had the smoker (which resides on the pation)  updated with new guts.  Should make for a more consistent smoke flavor and an overall increase in quality!  I'm excited! 

  We are currently looking for more staff to build around as we lost a lot of good people this year that will be hard to replace. Planning on Tuesday - Saturdays: 11:30- 7:30.  Vanessa, Sergio, & Frankie are still with me so we have a good foundation for the future. We are looking forward to welcoming Kevin Broce into the kitchen in the next week as well!

  I'm off to CoosBay after I post this to visit Empire Bakery (and see what they have cooking) and also pick needed items up at Cash n' Carry.  Was looking to start the week of exploring some street cart style South American Steak Tacos and a hearty Turkey, Corn Chowder. Weather depending, I'm gonna smoke some St. Louis Ribs early this week and want to try out a Habanero/ Mango BBQ Sauce for those of us with some heat in our veins!