Happy Spring! May 9th, 2017

Let's hope the rain is almost through!  Emerging from our winter caves is part of what makes Spring so special!  As you cast off the winter rain jacket don't forget about us here at the Barnacle Bistro.  For the Rest of May were offering 5% off your final bill to kick start the summer season!  Come in before the crowds arrive....

Soups this week are a Tomato soup and today I made a beer cheese soup.  Split pea soup will be rotating in on Thursday just in time for what we hope to be some of the Season's last showers on Thursday and Friday!  Calamari will make an appearance Thursday and Friday with a Siracha Aioli dipping sauce.  

The Patio is near completion!  With new concrete tables, freshly stained and sealed fencing, flower baskets in the greenhouse, and the myriad of other repairs drawing to close, were getting excited to have the outdoor option available once again.  I hope we see you in the Bistro