October 2

   Were having an off day today with the onset of the winter cold season!  Numerous key employees are down and out due to this particular winter bug.  I am alive and well but my knee is swollen and angry and a lay up day is required.  I will be ready to tackle the day one limp at a time tommarrow for normal hours.  I'm not planning any winter changes to the schedule as of now, but that is always subject to re-evaluation if business slows too much!   I'm hoping for slow and steady to get through the winter race! 

   I broke out some Langlois pork shoulder and planning a smoked pulled pork Wednesday or Thursday.  I'm also looking to get the smoker stoked up for sliced prime rib sanwiches with a spicy jalapeno au jus later in the week!  Crab cakes are currently on the out but will be back in stock by wednesday.  Tomarrow we will have a Polynesian style chicken taco for special! 

  Look forward to seeing you in the Bistro!