A Temporary Farewell to Mondays!

I hate to inform you that the bistro will be forced to close mondays for the foreseeable future.  Yes, it's awful, but at the present time I'm severely short staffed on the kitchen side of the counter.  I am the only cook available to base open hours upon.  Even ignoring that I have a baby headed my way in 6 weeks, I need a day to organize bills and keep pace with the business side of the bistro as well.  This is a short term case only and will change once I've found reliable kitchen staff that I'm comfortable leaving the building with (may be 1 month or 5?)  It takes about 3 weeks to train someone once they're onboard.  This is a backlash of how much of the menu building blocks are made in house!  There's a price for flavors that don't fall off the tailgate of your typical refrigerated delivery truck. We are currently accepting applications for staff!