Tiny Remodel... Big Changes... 1 week Closure!

The Barnacle is gonna take a quick hiatus from serving the community to make some posative changes and improvements to the restaurant!  Friday, february 2nd, we will be closing for about a week. Its hard to know when we will be done exactly because we are waiting on the time tables of both a plumber and an Electrician.  I want to be open by next friday, february 9th for the weekend. The heart of our improvements are rooted in the knowledge that our beer cooler is on it's last legs.  Every morning I get to work and put my hand on the cooler to see if it's still alive! We do have to give it a gentle kick some mornings! So we've upgraded to a much larger cooler and have to do a bit of remodeling to make it all fit.  Thankfully, the upgrade will allow us to also add a full liquor license as well as make some funtional improvement to our day to day operations as well.  Were still in the paperwork stage of our full liquor license but we have been approved which is awsome!  This is Phase 1 (to get the infastructure in place). Phase 2 and 3 will happen in the coming months as soon as they are possible.

Phase 2 is to get the liquor menu up. We will operate with a summer and winter liquor menus.  8 to 10 specialty drinks on each that hopefully add to the overall experience for our over 21 crowd.  Phase 3 is to cover the patio with an actual waterproof membrane and add some patio heaters.  The idea to create a nautical theme so that the awning can go up and come down during windy events, much like a sail for a sailboat.  A Mesh version for the summer, and a solid sunbrella fabric sail for the winter!  I guess my life on boats has perforated the way I think!  I'm so excited about the possibilities that having an outside dining area year round and a full liquor license will bring.  Should be fun!  I've always been space conscientious when thinking about throwing local events in the winter, because I just don't have enough space with only the inside area.  We will now! 

Hope to see everybody soon!