Tuesday 3/18... Repairs

Closed for the remainder of Tuesday 3/18 for some much needed repairs.  I'll be up an at it Wednesday with a Brazilian Steak Sandwich slathered in fresh Chimichuri and Asiago Cheese!  We'll also be running shrimp tacos through the weekend and Crab Lasagna!  The remodel is progressing well and should happen sometime early April.. All the furniture pieces are being finish in the shop at home so as to minimize our actual down time... We should be in and out with a the new bar equipment and new tables and chairs keeping our actual closed time to 4 or 5 days at max (famous last words!).  All our wine will be dominantly Oregon going forward since we are switching to a keg wine system many of the local winery's are leaning towards and partial nitrogen setup for our beers(mmmm)!  It's going to look nice and open up the dining area space a little bit as well!  Unfortunately there is only so much potential even possible with our space.