9/22 Whew, summer into fall--20% Off Menu Special Tomorrow 9/23

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of posts over the summer but it was a busy one.  Since we make so much of our menu in house we barely had enough time each day to prep the food let alone get on online and talk about it. Thankfully, that didn't stop all of you from coming to eat. We had a great summer with more staff than ever to keep up.  I would like to thank all of our staff, new and old, for their efforts this year--it was often heroic!  Hopefully, I will get more time to post what's happening, and for all of you locals, we should have time to get back into some of those specials that you have been missing.  With the changing season comes maintenance that is really important in our rainy climate--the Bistro is getting some roof work.

Starting Wednesday 9/24 we will be closed into mid next week while the roofers do their thing.  So tomorrow, Tuesday 9/23, we will be offering 20% the whole menu.   We will likely run out of a few things as the day goes on but that is the goal to insure that food is not wasted--maybe it would be a good oppurtunity to try something you haven't yet!  We will try and post as soon as we know when we can open again next week--as we have learned and proven if we try to guess when we will get open after any sort of update, remodel, maintenance it just pushes if further.  So this time we will only say when at the last possible moment.  Come by tomorrow and we will see you next week!


Tuesday 6/24

Wow, time flies! Sorry for the lapse in posting we have been gearing up for summer--making menu adjustments, training new staff,...the list goes on.  NEW on the MENU is our WASABI FISH TACOS, this used to be just a special but it's so popular that we added it to the steady menu.  If you haven't tried them yet you should and don't let the wasabi scare you, they are not over the top hot just enough to give it some spice.  Also I would like to welcome all of our new and returning staff for the summer--none of this happens without them so remember to thank them too!

SOUP TODAY: CLAM CHOWDER or FIRE-ROASTED TOMATO (goes great with our GRILLED CHEESE--havarti & sharp cheddar on garlic sourdough)




Memorial Day

Today is a day to remember the sacrifices of those of us who are willing to give so much and sometimes everything for their neighbors and fellow countrymen. Support the VA.


Closed Monday, May 19

Things have been going well since we re-opened following the remodel so naturally a problem would arise.  We are having an equipment issue that will keep us closed today but we feel confident that we can be open tomorrow.  Hope to see you then.


All right it's official we are back open, foods cooking and the smoker is going!  SOUP TODAY: CLAM CHOWDER   LUNCH SPECIAL: LINGCOD FISH & CHIPS.

And here is a teaser for next week---RIBS, SPICY ROAST BEEF DIP

Even Closer... Open Saturday!

The remodel is done but I'm wiped out.. Today is the first day I've set foot back in the kitchen and I realize the amount of work I still need to accomplish as far as preping my menu (since I pretty much make everything from scratch) to really be able to open again. I'm sorry it's taken so long and I appreciate all the interest!  I'm glad people like our little bistro!   We will be open Saturday @ 11:00 am for lunch.  The smoker is getting primed and ready to rack up some delicious St. Louis Ribs and a Peppered Roast beef for our spicy roast beef dip! The weathers flat and the fisherman are out... thus, the fresh Ling Cod is in.  Try our Ling Cod fish n' chips if you haven't! 

So Close... Opening Friday...

It's nearly done! Just finnishing touches and beginning the cooking process today.  Pretty happy how it turned out!, hope others like it too!  We've been held hostage by a credit card company and computer software for most of this week.  Some may understand the implications of running software on a Windows xp but basically we were using an operating system that was no longer under warranty for our Restaurant Point of Sales system and were forced to upgrade (even though it worked fine).  In the aftermath of upgrading .... our POS would no longer work with the new operating system thus creating many hours of frantic frustrated phone conversations with tech support in India.  Thier patience with me astounds me upon review!  There are still many quirks but we can get the doors open and go from there...... c you in the Bistro!

4/26 Remodel Update

OK, so things are coming back together but it looks like we won't be open until Thursday, May 1 for sure.  Once we get all cleaned up, then I gotta cook, cook, cook!  I am really excited about the changes we have made and can't wait to show them off.  Here is a sneak peak of the work we have done....


4/18 The Latest

Hey Everyone, sorry for the lack of posts lately I have been busy working on all the pieces that I need to pull off our upcoming remodel.  On that note please be aware that we will be closed from 4pm Saturday 4/19 to late in the week, we are trying to reopen for the weekend but I have learned that by saying that we will open for sure almost guarentees we won't.  I do believe that we will reopen the following Monday 4/28 to an improved dinning area! I will post it when we know for sure!

Till then SOUP TODAY: TOMATO or TOM KHA (Thai coconut w/shrimp); SPECIALS: PORTABELLA BURGER w/PROVOLONE, ELK BURGER (not many left!), WASABI FISH TACOS. If you haven't had the fish tacos before nows a good time a time as any!



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